HKBU Enews Eyes on HKBU
Jan 2014 | Issue 40

Professor Ian Aitken: Film detective

"My job is very much about detective work and building a story from documents that might not make sense individually but that add up to something when you put them together,” says Professor Ian Aitken of the Academy of Film. A renowned expert in the history of the documentary film as well as an acclaimed film theorist, Professor Aitken has authored a number of influential books and was awarded the President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Scholarly Work in 2013.

Lee Ka-wai (Year 2, School of Communication):
Rushing towards a dream

"We once wrote ourselves a letter promising to allow ourselves 10 years to hang on to our theatre together," Lee Ka-wai says. The Year 2 Film major at HKBU’s School of Communication got the theatre, which was set up with her fellow drama enthusiasts in secondary school, registered as a society. Because of scarce resources, they have devoted even greater efforts to chasing their dream.